Photojournalism and documentary photography are my passion, and my style is fun, colourful and relaxed.  The way I work can sometimes be called reportage photography, but it generally means that I won't be asking you to pose.  Your wedding day should be about love, fun and laughter, but not standing around posing!  I absolutely love to capture you and your guests having fun and being yourselves.   Having spent the past 12 years working as a professional press photographer, capturing the candid moments is what comes most naturally to me.  You can follow me on instagram and Facebook to get to know me a bit better! laughterhilarious! Natural laughter from guests waiting to throw confetti

untitled-19make-up artistMost of the time, you won't even notice I'm there

Every Wedding is unique, so I approach each wedding day with that in mind, I don't have a list of set poses, or must-have shots, but I will work hard to capture every aspect of your day in my own creative style.  I will of course take some important group photographs, but I like to keep these to a minimum of about 5-6 in total.  This means that you won't be standing around for ages, and it will mean you can get back to the party sooner!

untitled-11jokesThe moments guests stop posing for group shots is often the time I capture the best images I do like to whisk the two of you away for a short time to photograph the two of you as a couple, I want to capture the two of you together as naturally as possible.  It's a time I always look forward to as it will probably be the first time in the day you will be alone together since you got married - enjoy the moment as the new Mr and Mrs!

embraceThe newlyweds enjoying some precious couple-time together

The speeches are a time for fun and laughter, but I can also get creative, capturing them in a unique and unusual way.  This means that you'll have a creative and artistic document of your whole day from start to finish, the ceremonies, the people, the emotions, right down to the tiny details.

untitled-17surprise!Could mum look any more shocked in this photo?

And of course, I love a good party and a dance at the end of the evening!

word-upI'm going to capture all those mean shapes on the dance floor!


untitled-32sparklerswho doesn't love a sparkler to brighten up a winters evening?

If you like my style, you can check out my portfolio, have a look at my blog, and if you think I'm the photographer you're looking for, you can contact me, I'd love to hear from you!